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Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

As women age, their bodies experience many changes from a loss in collagen and elastin to physical changes associated with childbirth. Votiva is a cutting-edge technology that enhances tightness, muscle tone, and external appearance while effectively treating common issues such as stress incontinence, dryness and discomfort during intercourse. Previously, women did not have many options to improve intimate issues that occur from childbirth or aging. Now, Votiva offers solutions that address internal and external vaginal health concerns, with clinically proven feminine wellness technologies. Votiva offers immediate results, with continued improvements over time. Votiva is safe and effective treatment and is quick and comfortable.

Votiva offers a non-invasive, FDA approved technology to address a variety of Feminine Wellness
  • Do you notice vaginal discomfort?
  • Are you experiencing urinary problems?
  • Are you experiencing menopause or perimenopause symptoms? Suffer from low estrogen?
  • Do your symptoms affect: sleep, activity, athletics, travel and social activities?
  • Would you like to be able to have sexual relations without discomfort?
  • Are you experiencing dryness, itching, discharge, odor, irritation, tenderness?

FAQs about Votiva Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Symptoms like vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, loss of vaginal tone and pain with intercourse are all common concerns that can be addressed with Votiva. Women of every age can benefit from the power of Votiva. After childbirth many women experience a change in vaginal tone which can lead to stress incontinence and decreased sensation during intercourse; there can also be an alteration in the shape and size of the labia. Similarly, with menopause there are changes that can occur to the vaginal tissue; vaginal dryness is a primary concern for many peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women.

Votiva is extremely versatile in treating a variety of conditions and is valuable for women in every stage of life. Additionally, our skilled female clinicians will meet with you prior to treatment and discuss your specific concerns to create a personalized treatment plan that you feel great about.

Yes! We understand that most women experience changes in the appearance of the vulvovaginal area with childbirth, weight fluctuations and menopause. For many women, these changes can be distressing and can affect their sexual and personal relationships. Finally there is a non-surgical option to address these changes. Votiva uses FormaV and FractoraV to target the unique type of tissue in and around the vaginal area. We have used similar technology on the body and face for many years and had great success with tightening and toning skin in these areas. Votiva uses radiofrequency to stimulate new collagen and elastin. Common concerns like wrinkling, and stretched out tissue can be addressed safely and easily with Votiva.

Radiofrequency (RF) fuels the remodeling and building of new healthy tissue. Fibroblasts are fundamental to skin regeneration and are directly stimulated by RF, fibroblasts produce collagen which we known improves the appearance and texture of the skin.

FormaV is the unique type of RF that is utilized by the Votiva system. FormaV delivers gentle thermal remodeling of the special tissue in and around the vaginal area. Tightening of the vaginal vault, increased lubrication and improvement of labial laxity are all direct benefits of Votiva’s RF.

Stress urinary incontinence is incredibly common.

Vaginal tone is affected by childbirth and by aging, this change in tone can alter the function of the bladder.

Votiva works to regenerate this tissue and strengthen the existing structures offering internal support.

Many women see improvement in their incontinence in just 1-2 Votiva sessions with optimal improvement after 3 sessions.

When you feel confident about yourself it affects every aspect of your health. Intercourse can be painful when the vaginal tissue is dry. Labia that are stretched and lax can also contribute to pain during intercourse.

With three simple non-surgical treatments you can see a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your vulvovaginal area and functional issues like dryness and laxity can be improved.

You deserve to feel self-confident and enjoy all aspects of your life!

Yes. Votiva specifically targets the tissue responsible for creating lubrication in the vaginal area. A majority of post-menopausal women deal with vaginal dryness and may have tried other interventions like suppositories and oral medications without much success, not to mention the side effects. Votiva is quick, painless and can produce lasting results for this very common concern.

And how long will the results last? Patients report immediate changes; even after one 30 minute treatment session, you can experience the benefits of Votiva. Every Votiva treatment regimen is personally tailored to your specific concerns and goals, but most women benefit from three sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Even after your final session, you will continue to see benefits from the treatments. Your results are best maintained with yearly or semi-annual maintenance treatments.

Votiva is painless! You can expect to feel a warming sensation during each Votiva session.

Preparation involves avoiding intercourse for 24 hours prior to treatment and stopping the use of NSAIDs like ibuprofen or Advil 3 days prior to treatment.

Women should not be on their menstrual cycle and hair will need to be removed from the treatment area.

Depending on the areas being treated the sessions last from 10-40 minutes. There is very little downtime associated with Votiva. We will ask you to abstain from intercourse for 72 hours following treatment and avoid hot tubs, pools, and bathtubs for 3 days following your treatment.

We completely understand that talking about your sexual relationship and personal health concerns can be a little intimidating. We have an all-female vaginal rejuvenation team that will work with you from consultation and performs your treatments. They will guide you through your post-procedure care and maintenance stages.

Votiva is for women of all ages and stages of life. Women who have never been pregnant or who have had multiple children can all be candidates for Votiva. Our team is excited to meet with you and discuss your goals, we will create a unique treatment regimen for your specific concerns and lifestyle!

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